My Dancing Day


Sung by St. Paul's Choir


Frank Boles, Director
Dwight Thomas, Organist

Twenty Anthems, motets, and carols celebrating the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. Featuring the music of Paul Manz, Elizabeth Poston, G. P. Palestrina, Hugo Distler, Gerald Near, John Tavener, Francis Poulenc, Healey Willan, Harold Darke, Gustav Holst, John Gardner, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Frank Boles.


Titles in red indicate an audio clip of the song is available.

Track 1     E'en So, Lord Jesus Quickly Come  Manz

Track 2     Carol of the Advent  Boles

Track 3     Adam lay bouden  Boles

Track 4     Jesus Christ the apple tree  Poston

Track 5     Canite Tuba  Palestrina

Track 6     Lo, how a Rose  Distler

Track 7     There is no Rose  Near

Track 8     A Hymn to the Mother of God Tavener

Track 9     O Magnum Mysterium  Puolenc

Track 10     Hodie Christus natus est  Willan

Track 11     In the bleak mid-winter  Darke

Track 12     Lullay my liking  Holst

Track 13     Now is the Time for Joy  Goldstein

Track 14     The Birds  Carol

Track 15     Tomorrow shall be my dancing day  Gardner

Track 16     The Lamb  Tavener

Track 17     From the contata, Hodie: The Blessed Son of God  Vaughan Williams

Track 18     Magnificat and Nunc dimittis  Boles

Track 19     Surge Luminae, The third Song of Isaiah  Boles

Track 20     Magna et Miralbillia, The Song of the Redeemed  Neswick


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