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In January of each year, youth who will reach the age of 16 in that calendar year are invited to begin the process of preparing for Confirmation.

Confirmands meet with their mentor to explore the text, My Faith, My Life by Jenifer Gamber. One may choose one's own mentor. In addition, there are three dinner meetings of the class, a pre-Confirmation gathering with the Bishop, usually immediately before the Confirmation service, which is held in the Easter season.


Confirmation faq

Do I have to be confirmed?

No. By virtue of your Baptism, you are a full member of the Body of Christ, the Church.


Why be confirmed?

Most of us had parents and godparents who made our Baptismal vows for us. Confirmation offers you the opportunity to make those promises for yourself.


What if my mentor is not a member of St. Paul's?

No problem!


For more information please contact Erica Jeglum, Youth Pastor.