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When do we baptize?

The Book of Common Prayer sets aside specific days for Baptism, each having a special significance in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ or of the Church. These days are the Easter Vigil, which happens the evening before Easter Sunday, the Sunday after Easter Day (March/April), Pentecost (May/June), All Saints’ Day (November) and the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord (January). In addition we often add a Baptism date in August.


How do we prepare for Baptism?

As a candidate for Baptism, or as the parent of a child being presented for Baptism, you will be prepared in several ways. First, the congregation will pray for you by name, both in public worship and in private prayers. So the people of St. Paul’s will know you as they pray for you, you will be introduced to the congregation on a Sunday close to the Baptism. Second, you will be required to participate in Baptism preparation. For adults preparing for Baptism, preparation is determined in consultation with one of our clergy who will guide you and assist you in a way that fits your needs and questions. For parents of children being presented for Baptism, preparation includes a class scheduled on the day before the Baptism. The class focuses on the meaning of Baptism and the promises that you will make for your child. A rehearsal follows the class so you will be fully prepared for the Baptism on Sunday. Godparents are invited and encouraged to attend the class and rehearsal with you.


Who will act as Godparents or Sponsors?

You will choose the sponsors for yourself or the godparents for your child. These people should be baptized Christians, willing to vow they will see to your or your child’s spiritual well-being and support you in your spiritual growth.