COVID-19 Screening Statement

Prior to PARTICIPATING in any st. Paul's event,
we ask that you affirm the following statements are true:

(1) Neither myself nor members of my household are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test.

(2)  In the past 14 days, neither myself nor members of my household have ...

  • been instructed to quarantine by the Indiana State Health Department.
  • experienced any symptoms of illness.
  • been diagnosed with COVID-19, or been knowingly exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • traveled outside of the country, or to any area in the United States considered a “hot spot” for COVID-19 infections.
(3)  Myself and (if applicable) those attending with me agree to wear face masks* appropriately covering our nose and mouth, and observe a minimum of six feet physical distancing while on St. Paul's campus.
*No bandannas or neck gators, please. 

(4)  Myself and (if applicable) those attending with me are knowingly accepting the risk of unintentional exposure to Covid-19, and release St. Paul’s Indy from any liability.